Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sad Day. Fred is out. And this blog is done.

Before anyone asks, I will not support ANY of the candidates now running until and unless they change their stances on key conservative issues of non-amnesty for illegal alieans, border security and enforcment, the falsehood of anthropogenic global warming, smaller governement, ending earmarks, and freedom of political speech - all areas where McCain falls flat, as well as being right on Second Amendment issues, strict constructionist judges, and pro-life.

To the GOP "elite": do you want to continue to control a loser or do you have the guts to take a chance on a winner that you'd notbe able to control?

Right now, as I stated before, you'd rather sell out principles and lose than lose control of the party.

In short, I'm probably not going to support the Republican Party as it currently is composed. I'll let the Country Club Repubs try to do it without us Sam's Club Republicans. Good luck with that, Bush and Company. You'll lose just like you did in 2006 with Beuaprez and before that with Coors and Dole. You've seen the last of my time and money. And there are many others like me.

Been good knowing you. Say hello to the Whig party - you're joining them in the "ceased to exist" list. Thanks for destroying the party of Lincoln and Reagan by turning it into the Party of Bush, DeLay, Lott and McCain.


BirdsAreWild said...

I would like to ask you to review the policies of Ron Paul. When I did my research of the candidates I ended up choosing Ron Paul but Fred Thompson was my next choice if the media pushed Ron out. They both have very conservitive values. I think that Ron Paul is a bit stronger on the stand that we should follow the constitution though. But otherwise I think that you will find they did have a lot of the same values that you want in a leader for our country. I know you could not possibly support McCain as he is a war monger and Romney would just be more of what we already have. Huckabee is a hypocrit who will have to drop out due to funds and Guiliani, well we all know how he is.

Robyn Hamlin

Ordinary Coloradan said...

Sorry, Ron Paul is atraitor - he woudl abandon our toops work in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is an ignroarnt fool when it comest to defenidng the US.

I am prior service military - I have seen the face of our enemy and Ron Paul is an idiot if he thinks withdrawing is possible.

Furthermore he is downright stupid - he claims Iran doesn have an Army or a Navy. Dumbass!

Plsu he has allowed bigots and racists to use his name, and possibly may be a bigoted racist himself.

So take Ron Paul's stupidity and igronace and go seel it someplace else - Anywone with more than a room temperature IQ ain;t buying that bundle of lies.

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