Saturday, January 19, 2008

The case for staying in...

If for no other reason than this:

We need someone espousing and articulating the entire spectrum of Conservatism and Federalism, calling the others to task and forcing them towards conservatism in areas they come up short.

And also, Fred takes from Huckabee, whom I despise, so thats a VERY good thing.

If only Fred would lay into McCain on Immigration, I'd be much happier.

So Fred, if you're listening, your duty is not finished.

Stay IN, and be our conservative voice amongst the non-conservatives that are left

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Uriah said...

You were there with us early on and I have no intention of backing off even one bit. I don't think Fred's work is done yet either and I'll be with you til the end OC.


ps the net is all kinds of screwed up right now. I can't get to or either.

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