Monday, July 23, 2007

Why these Attacks on Fred Thompson will not matter in the long run

Cogent analysis over at He basically beat me to the punch on the editorial I was going to write, so I'll excerpt his post and point you there to read the whole thing.

From just before Independence Day to this week, Fred Thompson has been on the receiving end of the strongest attacks and most negative press of his political career. Yet he actually gained points in the Rasmussen poll, increasing his four-week lead over Giuliani. New Harris and Zogby polls were released which showed him in the lead for the first time. News came from the evangelical right of religious conservatives actually defending Fred against the barrage of Romney campaign e-mails designed to take away some of Fred's thunder with this key segment of voters.


The Rest of the Story...

It seems that many conservatives are not allowing their "big picture" view of 2008 to be pushed off their radar screens. They are focused on keeping the White House out of Democrat hands. They have concluded that an 86% conservative will be conservative enough against whatever liberal the DNC will nominate and not too conservative for independents and Reagan Democrats.

They have looked at Fred's 100% pro-life voting record and trust that he will nominate judges of the caliber of John Roberts. They have noted Thompson's absolute support for the right to keep and bear arms and are confident that their guns will be safe during an FDT presidency.

They have studied his economic record which assures them that Fred will not raise their taxes and are encouraged that he's giving serious consideration to the fair tax. They are aware that Thompson worked in the Senate to reduce federal waste, fraud and abuse, and they recognize this as a good thing. They like his commitment to making the federal government smaller and returning some of the powers it stole from the states back to them.

They have seen Fred's enemies and don't like them. NARAL, Planned Parenthood, ACLU, NEA, and ADA are not on their Christmas card lists. They've looked at those who rate Fred highly, such as ACU, The Center for Security Policy, the League of Private Property Voters, the National Tax Limitation Committee and the NRA, and they are comfortable with these groups and their respective missions.

Courtesy of The Frederation Blog at Fred Thompson FAQs

If you havent visited that site, go visit - its a goldmine of infor about Fred Thompson

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