Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Leadership, as Planned, For the Fred Thompson Campaign

Better coverage than the typical MSM story "shakeup" you'll see on this.

Tom Collamore, the former Altria exec who had been running Fred Thompson's campaign, has resigned and will be replaced by Randy Enwright. Enwright is a Florida political hand with ties to former Gov. Jeb Bush. Also coming on board in a leadership capacity is Spencer Abraham, the former Michigan senator and Energy secretary.

"We’re making a number of planned changes as we move to the next phase," said Thompson communications director Linda Rozett. "We’re adding political muscle to the organization."

A Thompson aide said that Enwright would serve as the day-to-day manager while Abraham would take more of a campaign chairman capacity.

Courtesy of Johnahtan Martin at The Politico

This is good. I had my worries about Collamore and his ties to big tobacco being a vulnerability. And Spencer Abraham may bring into play Michigan (which swings the upper mid west). Well played Fred!

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