Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The campaign is built, Now getting the right people to run it

Beware of hyperventilating pundits who are calling it a "shakeup". Collamore and company were brought in to build this thing, not run it. Just like you get a team to design and build the race car, now you need a team to drive it and keep it in the race. The "gurus" are now stepping in, with a campaign that is apparently assembled to Fred's specifications. So now we see how well things go. I also believe this means no chance of an announcement for the next couple of weeks while they get settled in and start initial maneuvering. And with August 11 Iowa looming, they are probably going to have to wait. Still, there is always the possibility of a surprise - and that would bring Fred's announcement in on July 28 (by the 31st), for tax/funding reasons. So I'll go back and stand by my July 28 prediction.

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