Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Signs of Social Conservatives Selecting Fred Thompson

This is more good news - its a solid bloc to start with, and it chokes Romney out of that part of the race.

Some of the nation's most influential social conservatives say their movement is quickly coalescing around Fred Thompson, the former senator from Tennessee, for the Republican presidential nomination, a decision that would bolster his expected campaign with money and grass-roots support

"It's almost as if the man and the moment met," said Richard Land, who speaks for more than 16 million people as head of public policy for the nation's Southern Baptists.

Land said he will not endorse a candidate in the primary, but his boosterish comments about Thompson -- like those of other conservative leaders -- leave little doubt about his excitement about the former senator. He said support for Thompson was spreading "almost like a prairie fire" and predicted that some conservative leaders would endorse the 64-year-old [Senator] actor and lawyer in coming weeks.

Courtesy of The Boston Globe

If Focus and Dobson join up, then Fred will be able to secure the base, and go hunting further afield. Plus it keeps Newt on the bench.

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