Sunday, July 22, 2007

More Reasons For Fred Thompson Delay

The Jacksonville (FL) Times-Union publishes some good info on why Fred might be delaying the announcement. This info is in addition to the obvious organizational issues the campaign is having (see the "Abortion Lobby: story below). If this is truly why he is holding off, then I was probably wrong on it hurting him. Declaring too soon, and coming out under-prepared would hurt him far worse.

He still has time to craft his message and tighten his speeches. He can hone his act by sparring with practice candidates in mock debates behind the scenes.

Best of all for Thompson is that he had the foresight, discipline and steely nerves to do what no other Republican presidential candidate was wise enough to do - nothing at all, and for a long time.

Now, with John McCain running on fumes, Mitt Romney having already hit up everybody possible for campaign cash and Giuliani slipping in the polls, this non-candidate candidate named Thompson could easily move from the television screen to the political arena.

There, he would appear fresh, if for no other reason than that so far he has remained offstage while the other candidates have toed the Republican line that Republican male voters are indicating they may not want to toe themselves anymore.

Of course, women voters usually decide presidential and other important political races. But Thompson is holding his own with them, too.

Courtesy of JAcksonville (FL) Times Union

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