Sunday, May 13, 2007

PA Speaker endorses Fred Thompson

Freepers (well the non-Rudybot ones) noticed this...

House Speaker Dennis M. O'Brien, R-Philadelphia, says he's backing actor Fred Thompson's possible bid for president. In an interview on the Web site Human Events, O'Brien said he's backing Thompson because, "I like what he stands for." O'Brien gave no details, but did reveal that he respected the role the former Tennessee senator played two years ago in the nomination of U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.

Courtesy of Free republic

I've been banned there (I just created a new account and bypassed it - Freepers can be so stupid). Why did they ban me? I destroyed the arguments of a Pro-Rudy old-timer there with facts and cistations. So he had my account locked out by one of his buddies that is a moderator as his way of responding (instead of being forced to admit he lost the argument). So a warning: if you post Pro-Fred stuff, be careful who you blow out of the water - some of those Freepers are truly morons and sore losers.

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