Sunday, May 13, 2007

Fred Thompson at the CNP

The CNP is a very private, very important core conservative group. This is good news. Read below the ReadMore for a fantastic quote!

In yet another test of the viability of a late-start campaign for the GOP presidential nomination, Fred Thompson went before conservative leaders Saturday night to discuss law and order – for the nation, not a TV show.

People from the crowd of more than 400 said the topic played well because it goes to the heart of what unites economic and social conservatives.

Thompson was the keynote speaker at a dinner organized by the Council for National Policy, a group of many of the nation’s most influential conservative leaders.

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The event was closed to the press, but some of Thompson’s supporters provided The Politico with excerpts of his speech.

“Some of your friends, knowing that you are thinking about running for president, urge you to give a rousing campaign speech,” the potential candidate said of his preparations for the speech.

But instead, he said, he chose to discuss his “first principles,” focusing on one that he’s associated with through his television appearances: “the rule of law.”

“It is a sad irony that a nation that is so dedicated to the rule of law is doing so much to undermine the respect for it,” Thompson said.

“They [his principles] are based upon a respect for the wisdom of the ages, and a belief that human beings are prone to err -- that too much power must never rest in too few hands.” Ed: emphasis mine

... [A]ttendees said Thompson rarely looked at his notes and impressed the audience with his ability to make a folksy, conversational speech convincing.

Courtesy of Mike Allen at Politico

Sounds like Fred was a hit.

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