Thursday, April 26, 2007

Zogby Poll: Fred Thompson 3rd in SC

Nice showing - read the ReadMore to see about intensity of support for a surprise.

McCain leads among Republicans with 22% support, while Giuliani trails closely behind at 19%. And while he has not declared his candidacy, actor and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson is in third-place in the first Southern state to vote for President next year with 11% support, just ahead of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who receives 10% support.

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It is also clear that there is a big pool of undecideds among conservatives, particularly in the western part of the state.

Should Fred Thompson, a conservative from not–so–distant Tennessee who now registers in third place, enter the race for the GOP nomination, those undecided conservatives could give him a lot of room to grow."

Overall, a majority of likely primary voters (69%) said they would be most likely to vote for a candidate who is generally more conservative... Among self-described very conservatives, Thompson (19%), McCain (18%) and Romney (15%) lead.

Thompson enjoys the strongest intensity of support at 95%, with Giuliani at 91%, McCain at 87% and Romney trailing at 78%. Of the top four candidates, 84% of Romney supporters said it is likely they could change their minds about voting for him before the primary.

Courtesy of Zogby Poll, by way of Newsmax

The softness of support for Romney is surprising! But overall its still very fluid - nobody there has their supporters locked down, with all candidates having significant large percentages of "change their mind" supporters.

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