Thursday, April 26, 2007

Novak: Fred Thompson Considering Internet Fund Raising Tactics

Well,they may be catching on to us! Like Grassroots Voter with their volunteer and donor check box. And 10000 signed up already. Heh. I'll probably put up a sign up sheet this weekend for anyone wanting to express an interest in volunteering to help the campaign or dontate to it, once it exists. I'll be posting a privacy notice and all that before I do anhting of that sort. More analysis on money and the campaign below the ReadMore

Thompson, starting far behind in the money chase for the Republican presidential nomination, is considering adopting the 2004 tactics used by Democrat Howard Dean (D-Vt.) to raise campaign money via the Internet. All the signs of discontent at the grassroots level suggest that he could succeed in doing this.

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The non-candidacy of former Tennessee Republican Sen. Fred Thompson continues to be the talk of Republicans, but there is concern among potential supporters that he has not put in place a fund-raising operation and is falling far behind the announced candidates in the money game. Rudy Giuliani (R) in particular has an excellent financial structure, especially in New York, Texas and California. But Thompson has acting commitments to make and probably will not announce until June at the earliest.

Courtesy of Robert Novak at Human Events

Given the timing of the network contracts, radio etc - And all the speeches Fred Thompson has scheduled leading up to early June, that sounds about right to me.

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