Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fred Thompson - Blogger?

Looks that way, or as close as a mainstream presidential campaigner can be to blogging, at least for a while.

Former senator, commentator and actor Fred Thompson will provide regular opinion and analysis on New reports will be available Monday-Friday on the website. The Fred Thompson Report will discuss issues and events that affect all Americans. Audio versions of many of the commentaries will also be made available on

As part of ABC Radio's commitment to deliver content in formats that leverage new communications technologies, The Fred Thompson Report gives readers and listeners another avenue to engage in discussions about current events and important issues of the day. "The Internet allows -- as never before -- a real dialogue among the American people. There has never been a more important time in recent history to be informed as a nation, and my hope is that my commentary will contribute to that discussion," said Thompson. "I'm looking forward to using the medium to its fullest."

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"There is a clear demand to hear from Senator Thompson. It's obvious that listeners, if not America, seek his leadership on issues that matter. Radio has already provided an excellent platform to inform and educate listeners seeking his opinion -- The Fred Thompson Report is another extension to deliver his respected opinion," said John McConnell, Senior Vice President, Programming, ABC Radio Networks.

Courtesy of ABC News Radio Press Release

Fred Thompson Blogging? Whoda Thunk It?

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