Friday, April 27, 2007

Support Strong In Texas For Fred Thompson

More good news from Texas. Looks like Legislators are stepping up to take the Republican Party back from the power brokers. Bravo to Texas and Missouri! Ok Colorado, what are you waiting for? Readers, call your Colorado Republican Legislative Leaders and let them know who you want to see them endorse - Fred Thompson! (see the article below for the phone numbers)

The Draft Fred Thompson 2008 Committee announced that 54 of 81 Texas State House Republicans and several Republican Texas State senators "have joined the growing effort to encourage former United States Senator Fred Thompson to seek the presidency."

Texas Land Commissioner and Draft Committee leadership team member Jerry Patterson said he has spoken with each Legislator and "found an increasingly strong desire to see Thompson become a candidate. ... In Texas, the momentum in the race for president is clearly with Fred Thompson. If he enters this campaign, we can put him in the lead within 30 days,” said Patterson

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State Representative Robert Talton who serves from Harris County, Texas said, “People recognize Thompson’s leadership, his integrity and his remarkable ability to touch Americans from all walks of life. We need him in this race and we need him in the White House.”

The Draft Fred Thompson 2008 Committee’s leadership team includes Texas Rail Road Commissioner Victor Carrillo and Republican National Committeewoman Denise McNamara from Texas.

Courtesy of Chatanoogan Blog

Denise McNamara is working wonders down there - Go Denise!

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