Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thompson stirs up conservative buzz

Stirs it up? Like a superball in a paintcan shaker.

"He's the biggest buzz in the state," said Iowa Republican Party Executive Director Chuck Laudner. "A lot of our people want to see him come here. They see him with star power equivalent to [former New York Mayor] Rudy Giuliani, but he's conservative."

In Dallas, conservative policy analyst Merrill Matthews said Mr. Thompson's name is on the lips of just about every conservative with whom he talks.

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Free Congress Foundation President Paul M. Weyrich said Mr. Thompson "would have the chance to unite both the economic and social conservative wings of the party."

"Thompson has a good economic and social issues voting record," Mr. Weyrich said. "He is tough on foreign policy, saying we have not gone far enough in executing terrorists. If he gets in [the presidential race] in a relatively short time frame, he would have pretty good chance."

Courtesy of Ralph Z. Hallow in the Washington Times

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