Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Colorado For Thompson Editorial - Fred vs the RNC & Sellout Pundits

These are my thoughts, and my opinion alone. Subject to change, but its whats on my mind now after I read the Article of the Day for 4/11

Referring to the Article of the Day for 4/11, "Inspiring the American Voter", I especially love the part about the RNC being more afraid of him (Fred) than the DNC. If we at the grass roots keep pushing, we can get Fred nominated on his own terms - and elected without any of the "Country Club Repub" people having in hooks in him. He will not be beholden to ANYONE - and thats why he will win. How do we do it, and what do we look out for?

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You know what? We the people do have a voice here on the net that cannot be bought unlike some pundits. Hugh Hewitt for example, has practically prostituted himself for Romney, even stooping to post thinly masked partisan attack pieces on Fred Thompson on his blog. Hugh is jumping the shark. But that doesn't mean he can be ignored - just overcome with relentless pressure about the facts on his candidate's inadequacies and Fred's strengths in comparison.

Be ready - as you can see from Hugh Hewitt's actions, the country club set are not going to go down easy, and they have money to buy off a lot of folks.

Except for Rush Limbaugh probably. Nobody owns Rush but Rush.

Bottom line: It is up to us to translate this activity on the internet into action off the net in the real world. We should tell our neighbors, friends, relatives, and so on, about Fred Thompson, his story, his stances, and his credibility. So when he jumps in, so do we in terms of a campaign.

Start reaching and teaching now. Even if its just a casual mention, and point them at this or any of the other fine websites for Fred Thompson 2008. And ask them if they like what they see. If they do, then have them tell anyone else they think might be interested. I have been amazed at the responses I have gotten at my work, in conservative groups, with conservative friends, and in my parish. The time to start sowing the seeds of victory is now.

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OrdinaryColoradoan said...

Thats what I think - and yes it was a deliberate dig at Hugh Hewitt who used to be one of my favorite commentators until he started being a sold-out shill for Romney due to his book. Sean Hannity isn't much better with his being in the tank for Giuliani. Both those guys are jumping the shark - their candidates continue make mistake after mistake and either lie (Romney and his hunting, gun rights, etc) or be opposite of the party (Guilani abortion and federal funding, 2nd amendment rights, etc).

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