Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fred Thompson leads Values Voters poll

This is a bit of a message to the GOP - your roots don't like who you are pushing on us. Give us Fred!

A recent Vision America online presidential preference poll of over 2,500 Values Voters across the United States indicates significant support for a current non-candidate.

37.6% of the 2,678 respondents supported former Senator Fred Thompson of Tennessee for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination.

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Vision America President Rick Scarborough said the results reflect widespread uncertainty over the current field of GOP candidates: "It’s clear that our members, like Values Voters everywhere, are looking for an authentic conservative and hoping that Fred Thompson will turn out to be that man."

Scarborough continued: "The Republican establishment is now on notice -- Values Voters are not going to flock to socially liberal candidates, regardless of what label they bear. Conservative rhetoric is less important than a conservative record in office."

Courtesy of Vision America

This is where the party has gone wrong in 05-06. It abandoned its roots, its values - and the values voters. Pretty good point these folks make.

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