Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thompson/Romney 08? A good case for that ticket now!

A very intriguing case for a Thompson/Romney ticket - not next year, but NOW! A very very good read.

On radio and TV, Senator Thompson has presence developed over a lifetime in front of critical audiences as a lawyer, politician and actor. He projects centered self-confidence. His skills as a communicator will win him a substantial following, perhaps substantial enough to take the Republican Party by storm.

Fred Thompson's principal political liability is that he has never run anything. This is hardly disqualifying for a president, but it may be disabling for a presidential candidate getting off to a late start.

If one has to choose between a skilled administrator and a skilled communicator in a presidential primary, take the communicator every time. The presidency is essentially about the vision thing - both having it and selling it. A president with vision can hire all the administrative talent he needs. No president without it has ever been able to manage his way to a successful presidency. Just dust off your ouija board and ask the ghost of Herbert Hoover the way Hillary consults Eleanor Roosevelt.

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There is every reason to believe that Fred Thompson has the skills to be an excellent president, but does he have the skills to put together an effective campaign in less than half the time all his competitors have devoted to the same task? Color me skeptical.

The office of Vice President has steadily increased in importance and it seems odd to treat it as such an afterthought. Why go through the entire nominating process and then pull a running mate out of a hat at the convention? Why not form a team of running mates early in the process so two politicians can pool their resources the better to rally their party?

You (Romney) are in a unique position to do this. Get Fred on the horn and offer an alliance. Offer to run for Vice President as his running mate. A Thompson-Romney team would probably sweep all the competition for the Republican nomination aside.

Senator Thompson, who is sixty-four years old, might very well have no interest in serving more than one term as President, which would make this arrangement particularly advantageous for you. Even if he served two terms you would get your shot in 2016 when you will still be younger than John McCain is today. In the mean time you'll be gainfully employed and both the Republican Party and the nation will have a chance to grow comfortable with you.

You can offer Thompson campaign funds, an established national organization, and an able partner with executive experience and no trace of a southern accent. He can offer you a golden opportunity to convince Republicans that the Mitt Romney they meet on the campaign trail this year is the real Romney. He can help you make the difficult transition from Massachusetts politics to the national stage. With respect Governor, it isn't clear that you can make the transition any other way.

Comments are open! Be sure to click though and read the entire article - there is a lot more information and good argument there.

Courtesy of J. Peter Mulhern of American Thinker


Chin said...

Great post. I just broke this down to my wife a few days ago. Glad to see we are all thinking along the same lines. I'll be breaking it down more in depth this weekend if you liked to check it out.

Anonymous said...

This is wishful thinking of Romney supporters who know as soon as Fred! gets into the race his campaign is TOAST.

Anonymous said...

Nah. The whole Romney VP thing is solid, whether you back Fred Thompson or not. It puts Romeny in the party as a "go to" guy who is taking one for the team. It brings his money and supporters and conservatives to Thompson's camp - and thats good to unite conservatives. It gives Thompson a serious naitonal staff - add to thet the=rumor of the Allen campaign peopel standing ready, and you suddenly have a VERY well staffed and funded and organized operation. Romney gets to be the self-sacrificign good guy - and sets himself up nicely for 2012 or 2016, win or lose. He becomes a national figure, and gets props for putting party and principles above self. Plus the positive press exposure woudl be immense.

chin said...


Chin here...

contact me at

I'd like to find out if you can FTP me those audio files to theleft of your site.



Ryan Day said...

I 100% agree - Thompson/Romney would be AMAZING!!! It brigs experience, common-sense, youth (Romney) and it puts Republicans back in the White House!!! This is my dream ticket for '08!!!

Bob Cassiday said...

I'm all for it so far. If I could get my hands on any info that Thompson is STRONG against illegal immigration, I am 150% behind him, Romney or not. Anyone have any info like that?

Ordinary Coloradan said...

Fred Thompson in his own words:

I think its time for a little plain talk to the leaders of Mexico. Something like:

hey guys, you’re our friends and neighbors and we love you but it’s time you had a little dose of reality. A sovereign nation loses that status if it cannot secure its own borders and we are going to do whatever is necessary to do so, although our policies won’t be as harsh as yours are along your southern border. And criticizing the U.S. for alternately doing too much and too little to stop your illegal activities is not going to set too well with Americans of good will who are trying to figure a way out of the mess that your and our open borders policy has already created.

My friends, it’s also time for a little introspection. Since we all agree that improving Mexico’s economy will help with the illegal-immigration problem, you might want to consider your own left-of -center policies. For example, nationalized industries are not known for enhancing economic growth. Just a thought. But here’s something even more to the point that you might want to think about: What does it say about the leadership of a country when that country’s economy and politics are dependent upon the exportation of its own citizens?


From another interview he also said the Enforcement MUST be primary, especially enforcement at the border - no blanket amnesty.

Good enough?

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