Thursday, March 29, 2007

Texas Steps up for Fred Thompson

A bit of amplification of the article of the day (3/30) - ElephantBiz scoops a good set of endorsements from state wide officals in Texas, and good press release too (note: the PR is not up on the site as of time of this posting, read below and hit the link)

The Draft Fred Thompson 2008 Committee announced that its campaign to draft former Sen. Fred Thompson into the presidential race "received a big boost today when it was joined by three prominent statewide officials in Texas." Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, Texas Railroad Commissioner Victor Carrillo, and National Committeewoman Denise McNamara all have voiced their strong support for a Thompson candidacy. ]

[The Rest of the Story]

Patterson, a retired Marine Corps Reserve Lieutenant Colonel and Viet Nam combat veteran, who as Land Commissioner has earned a reputation as a powerhouse in Texas conservative grassroots politics, said Thompson has what it takes to win in Texas and America.

"We believe Fred Thompson should run," said Patterson. "His ability to communicate is reminiscent of Ronald Reagan. His record as a U.S. Senator makes him a known quantity to voters, and his entry into the race will add excitement and motivate the conservative base."

"I’m impressed by what I see and hear about Senator Thompson," said Carrillo who received almost four million votes in his 2004 statewide election. "He is pro-life, supports traditional marriage, is a defender of the 2nd Amendment, and believes in a strong national defense."

McNamara, a leader in conservative Texas grassroots politics, called Thompson "the one American best qualified to bring our country together in a difficult and perilous time." She added that, "His integrity and character reflect the very best in public service."
Courtesy of Elephant Biz

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