Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dobson says "Not a Christian" (Article of the Day 3/29)

This article addresses the rather odd "Fred Thompson isn't a Christian" remarks by Mr Dobson from Focus on the Family. By the way, as a very orthodox, conservative Catholic (says so in the About me of this blog), this issue - and the response below - are very important to me as both a Catholic and a "Ronald Reagan" Republican.

I Guess I'm Not a "Christian" Either

March 28, 2007, 1:04 pm

Posted by Eduardo PeƱalver

This discussion from US News, is interesting for any number of reasons, not least because of the suggestion by the spokesman for Focus on the Family that anyone who is not an "evangelical" Christian, no matter how reliably conservative on issues that matter to evangelicals, will have a hard time "connect[ing] with the Republican Party's conservative Christian base." In other words, he is applying a very narrowly defined religious litmus test (presumably on top of a fairly rigid ideological test) for "conservative Christian" support in the Republican presidential primary.

Also interesting, particuarly for those who continue to support a conservative political alliance between Catholics and evangelicals, is how Catholics are clearly excluded by the aforementioned religious litmus test. Now, it's possible that Dobson does not speak for most "conservative Christians" on this, but he is certainly an influential figure in that community and we should probably take him as reflecting (or affecting) the sentiment of a significant portion of those voters.

I also remind readers of Mr Dobson's comments on the "homosexuality" of cartoon character Spongebob SquarePants a couple of years ago, as an indication of the moral calculations that dominate Mr Dobson's wordly concerns.

Perhaps Fred Thompson is like me - he doesn't wear his religion on his sleeve - but he lets his actions (voting record) speak for him, letting his faith shine through in his works (See James Chapter 2 for faith and works being intertwined). I feel that a man's relationship to God is personal and none of anyone else's business in terms of anything beyond generalities. God treats us each as individuals, created in his likelness, and in keeping with this, He commanded us to do unto others...

In this respect, Mr Dobson has assumed the role of Pharisee. In my opinion, perhaps Mr Dobson should reread Matthew Ch 6 Verse 1. Chapter 7 verse 1 is pretty good as well. Perhaps a Mea Culpa is in order, or is that "Papist Claptrap" to you Mr. Dobson?

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