Saturday, January 5, 2008

Romney takes Wyoming. Where is the Thompson Campaign?

This is an official rant. If you are offended, then ignore it.

I've been at this off and on, here on the web and behind the scenes since March. And the one consistent thing I have run into is that the Thompson Campaign folks NEVER seem to follow through and seem utterly uninterested in harnessing grass roots volunteers - indeed they seem to discard them as useless.

I guess the Fred Folks didnt need the names and leaders and so on that we tried to give them this summer for Colorado and Wyoming. They ignored us and now Romney walks away with a big win and Fred gets crumbs in Wyoming. We had peopel months ago lined up to gather groups, to pish their local legislators for endorsements of Fred, to rally and spread the word. But the Thompson campaign staff never called them. They never responded. Same thing goes for Colorado.

Crap like this makes me despair that Thompson will run any campaign much less a good one. We tried to organize Wyoming back in May and June, and the "official" people ***NEVER*** got back to us. So all the excitement died down and the people went away due to not having any official people to turn to.

And Feb 5 are the caucuses here - and we STILL dont have any official contact or organization here in Colorado.

Fred, wake the hell up - your people are NOT doing their jobs, and you are going to LOSE if you keep it up like this. And if you lose, then we lose the last conpletely conservative candidate, and are stuck with liberal Giuliani, open-border big government McCain or the faux-con Romney (or God Forbid, "Gomer" Huckabee).

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