Saturday, January 5, 2008

Colorado is on the verge of being abandoned for Conservatives

Unless drastic changes are made, and made soon, Colorado will be an easy lock for Romney or Giuliani now, because thats who the state powerbrokers have decided they want for candidates. Never mind what we the people think - the self-appointed elites and country club types will tell us Sam's Club Republicans who we get to choose. That worked Really Well with Senator Pete Coors and Rep O'Donnell in the 7th, Governor Beaupreaz - oops they ALL LOST!

Owens, Holtzman, and all you other power brokers, you are idiots. You suck at picking out candidates, especially truly conservative ones that can run and win in Colorado. You just grab more of the same, slicksters and big government types. You've done it again for Presidential candidates.

And then you have the gall to wonder why the Republican Party in this state is falling apart! You dont run people at low levels, for grooming and training the next set of statewide candidates, you have done nothing to buidl the party up at all - you compromise conservative principles for expediency, you sell out the voters to retain power.

And that is why you lose. You lose elections, and now you're losing conservatives, pretty soon you'll lose whats left of the party completely.

You would rather maintain control over a loser than lose control with a winner.

And in my view, thats a cowardly and despicable way to run a party.

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OnlineGenius said...

sure the GOP hasn't abandoned conservatives already?
Anyway, Drastic changes must be made! I do have a question though, Why has America abandoned its conservative values? No im just kidding!
I haven't been living in the country the past 7 years but i do know that Many of us are trying to scrape those "values" off of our shoes.

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