Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Web Analysis - Thompson Tops ALL of them!

Impressive! According to Alexa web stats, Fred Thompson's site outdrew all the other candidate sites at launch. Whats more impressive is when you consider it was done without a large campaign prep and advertising, like the others - this was just a drop of the hat and word of mouth. Hit the link for the graph.

Ordinary Coloradan: Of course, its starting to tail off somewhat. Whats going to be interesting, at least from a blogger/net-geek standpoint, is how the Thompson folks want to go about sustaining the web presence. No disparagement intended, but they really need to get more content up there. And get the off-line donation form available (as a PDF) along with instructions - it wasn't there last I checked. I've had to supply those in a cut-n-paste format here on my blog (look for that in the commenst section of one of the posts below). For people who still don't feel comfortable donating on a web page, thats a vital thing to have handy.

Courtesy of Alexa Web Stats

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