Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ames Iowa trip planned for Fred Thompson

This is something to keep an eye on - if they do want to compete in Iowa, it will be the grass roots that win or lose it - nice to see 90% of the inquiries being about Fred.

Thompson didn't attend the party chairman's barbecue tonight in Des Moines, but he was a much talked about topic of conversation as lesser known candidates walked the crowd.

Many people want to know when Thompson will officially announce he is running for president. "I suppose it's a timing game for them. Try to keep it at a slow boil as long as they can," said Republican Party of Iowa executive director Chuck Laudner.

Laudner estimates 90 percent of the calls he gets these days come from people interested in Thompson. He can't say whether Thompson will actually buy space and try to win the straw poll or if he will just visit.

Courtesy of WHO TV, Iowa

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