Thursday, May 31, 2007

South Carolina Lawmakers back Fred Thompson

More grass roots coming up from Legislators. Seems to be a pattern.

State Sen. Larry Grooms said conservative voters in South Carolina are looking for something more than what the current field of Republican candidates has to offer.

"They're all good guys, but there's something lacking in every one of them," said Grooms, who was flanked by six other legislators and U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett, R-S.C., at a Statehouse news conference. "I think Fred Thompson is the type of candidate that many people in this state are looking for."

The Rest of the Story...

"We know he's behind the 8-ball and he's got a lot of ground to make up," Barrett said. This will "help him establish kind of a skeleton crew so when he does announce that we've got some people in place that he can build on."

Barrett said he did not know of any planned visits by Thompson to South Carolina.

Other presidential candidates have been raising money and soliciting support in South Carolina for months. Arizona Sen. John McCain enlisted a majority of Republican legislators here earlier this year for his exploratory campaign.

But some, like state Rep. Mike Pitts of Laurens, have said they are considering taking their endorsement elsewhere. Pitts was particularly upset because of McCain's support for the illegal immigration bill now being debated in the Senate.

Joining Grooms at the news conference Wednesday were state Sens. John Hawkins and Ray Cleary and Reps. Michael Thompson, Brian White, Eric Bedingfield and Jeff Duncan.

Courtesy of Jim Davenport Associated Press Writer by way of Brad Warthen's blog at The State

More legislators supporting Fred - and it also shows that amnesty for illegals is costing McCain support.

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