Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Its confirmed: June 4th is officially "Testing the Waters"


As usual the Weekly Standard's Hayes is the first one with all the goods. June 4th is fund raising and hiring start, and it looks like the rumored week of July 4th will be the campaign announcement - Probably on the 5th from what folks are saying.

FRED THOMPSON IS RUNNING for the Republican presidential nomination. In a conference call Monday, Thompson addressed a group of more than 100 supporters and fund raisers whom the campaign has dubbed First Day Founders. He told them that he would be setting up an organization that will allow him to begin raising money and recruiting staff.

The Rest of the Story...

In official campaign finance parlance, the move represents a shift from "giving serious consideration" to a presidential bid, as Thompson said he would do back in March, as a non-candidate, to a "testing the waters" period where one is, in effect, a candidate-in-waiting with a campaign-in-preparation. Thompson advisers point out that the new testing-the-waters entity is not quite a campaign committee, though it will officially begin accepting contributions on June 4. On that day--the First Day, as it were--the campaign will take in donations that it can then tout as an impressive one-day haul. A corollary benefit will be that news reports about Thompson's non-entry entry will run on June 5, when the declared candidates will meet in New Hampshire for their third debate. (Thompson won't be required to disclose his donors and the amounts they give to the Federal Election Commission until September.)

The new committee allows Thompson to continue to fulfill long-standing speaking obligations, while ramping up his inevitable presidential effort. His advisers describe it as a "natural progression" on the road to an announcement, which could come as early as late June or early July. One rumor making the rounds last night anticipated an official announcement in his hometown in Tennessee in a month--on July 4th. Independence Day could be Announcement Day.

Courtesy of Stephen F. Hayes at the Weekly Standard

Nice find of a loophole that does not require him to report at the end of June like the others.


Anonymous said...

About damn time! Been sitting on the fence way too long!

AuroraUSMC said...


This is the guy we need.

Ordinary Coloradan said...

Glad to see this.

But boy does it put the pedal to the floor for getting things moving here.

rightwinginsider2 said...


Anonymous said...


Wake up the Republicna PArty in Colorado!

Ordinary Coloradan said...

Anon, we are trying to wake up the GOP here in Colorado. Problem is the peopel at the top don't want to get out of the bed in the Country Club.

Seems us "Sams Club Repubs" don't matter to them anymore.

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