Friday, May 11, 2007

Fred Thompson in Florida

For someone who "isn't running", he sure gets around...

The Hillsborough County Bar Foundation welcomed a speech from former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson. The question in Republican Party circles concerns whether Fred will run for President. Fred of course, was asked this question at this appearance. The Fred Thompson supporters have already built a stealth campaign- Run, Fred, Run! Fred is consistently placing third in national polling, behind front runner Rudy Giuliani, second place John McCain, yet ahead of the hard charging Mitt Romney. Among undecided Republicans, likely to vote in the primaries, Fred is ahead. Romney received accolades last week as the winner of the first national Republican forum at held and the Reagan Library. Readily available on Internet commerce sites are Fred bumper stickers, tee shirts, and yard signs. Emails are exchanged in real time. A new lexicon has been created: FredHeads, Fredipedia, Fredophiles, etc. The grassroots facts on the ground are way ahead of the careful decision making process.

Hey, we resemble that remark, heh

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A declaration of Presidential candidacy would trigger an huge federal rulebook policed by the Federal Elections Commission. As senator, Fred supported the latest federal law known as McCain-Feingold. Fred is careful to remind all speculators that he has a day job, filling in for radio commentator Paul Harvey, and acting in the TV series "Law and Order". True to his word as a non-candidate, Fred did not leak advance knowledge of his visit to this independent grassroots effort to "Draft Fred Thompson."

Courtesy of "Ranger" at AC Media

Sounds like he is laying the ground for fundraisers there.

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