Friday, April 13, 2007

My Opinion on the state of the State GOP (a view from the bottom)

Is this my Howard Beale moment regarding the Colorado GOP leadership? Or is it, as I figure, just spitting in wind?

I will say this - I'm not the only GOP volunteer and donor from 2006 that feels this way. If the top of the GOP think they can keep getting us to donate money and volunteer time - and they keep coming back with inauthentic insincere slick rich guys like Mitt Romney, or accidental Republicans like Rudy Giuliani, or worn out old mavericks like John McCain, they are sadly mistaken. We've had enough. We want something else - we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore.

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It already happened to a large degree in the 06 races - thats why Bob Beauprez got wiped and Bill Owens hand picked candidate O'Donnell got stomped in whats nominally a Republican congressional district, one that Beauprez won handily in 04 and would he have held in 06 had he stayed put and let Coffman run for the Gov's seat.

Guys, you've stopped listening to us regular guys in the party, so now we are going to stop listening to you - and if you get in our way or are too scared or ignorant to change course even with this prodding, then you can forget about the party going on as a viable political force in anything other than a small minority role for a long time.

You're losing the base - the grass roots and the foot soldiers, precinct walkers, phone bank people, envelope stuffers. And you haven't adapted to the multi-week vote cycle, the weeks of early voting, mail in, and other changes. These are changes that render the old direct mail surge and "Final Four" methods (that worked in 2000 and 2004) ineffective now.

You aren't getting out here in the internet and keeping a presence in place, keeping a drumbeat - you're going silent instead (look at your dated and poorly designed websites!). You aren't raising fund out here on the net - you aren't bankrolling the operations of opinion shapers like the left is with HuffPo and Kos - people that keep their base active and motivated during the off season.

And you don't even seem to realize that you're losing it.

For God's Sake! Wake up before its too late.

Courtesy of Ordinary Coloradan

Am I Howard Beale? Nah, I'm too tired for that. I figure I'm just spitting into the wind, too damn worn out and discouraged to do anything else. But I still care enough to raise a fuss. Whats worrisome is others are so tired they've given up even doing that. And will be the dirge of the GOP in Colorado "I don't care anymore".

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Republican In Aurora said...

I thought I was the only one that was feeling like this. At least I am not alone.

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