Friday, April 6, 2007

A Man Named Fred

A well balance and thoughtful appraisal of the Fred Thompson candidacy. And some insight into the chracter of Fred Thompson (note the circumstance she details - he's not feeling well but meets his committments)

Fred Dalton Thompson is a towering figure.

I've seen him in real life; just outside the ABC broadcast facilities in Washington, D.C., where he exited after taping a broadcast for Paul Harvey's "News and Comment." I nearly sprained my neck looking up and trying to take in his 6-foot 6-inch frame.

He didn't look well that day. At dinner the previous evening, Thompson had contracted food poisoning. The D.C. bureau chief told me that despite his obvious discomfort, he had nonetheless posted his segment. In my business, that counts for a lot. Deadlines are everything.

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I don't agree with every single vote Fred Thompson has offered during his service as a United States senator (more on that later). But after serving honorably, he retreated to private life, started a second family and regenerated from the body politic. SCORE! That's a lot more than you can say about so many professional politicians who inhabit Washington these days. Thomas Jefferson would have applauded Thompson's decision.

For me, there are two essential issues facing this nation that absolutely require principled conservative leadership... The first is the war on terrorism.... the second issue of import is securing our borders...

Thompson offers great promise to conservatives on both of these issues. Thompson hasn't had to do a 180-degree change on his policy positions to become conservative on the war on terrorism and immigration.

On immigration, Fred Thompson has shown that he "gets" the problem and isn't afraid to offend the sensibilities of the pro-amnesty and cheap labor crowd. You can hear Fred Thompson's views on illegal immigration online.

On the war on terrorism, Thompson has been both an advocate for our troops, a staunch supporter of the policies in Iraq and Afghanistan and has displayed his willingness to tackle the radical factions of Islam who are at war with the United States and Western civilization.

Courtesy of Melanie Morgan at Worldnet Daily

A quick look around here should give any of her doubts a rest - especially if she looks up the Fox News transcripts on the Campaign Finance Reform. At the link, the article has great audio clips embedded in it - and you have them here (look in the sidebar at the top "Quotes and Quips"). FYI the author was one of the organizers of the Eagl Day that supported veterans who countered the anti-war protests at the Vietnam Veterans memorial in March.

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