Sunday, April 8, 2007

Blog Note: Easter Triduum

I will be engaged with activities - which started a few hours ago at sundown (Holy Thursday), Good Friday, and Holy Saturday, including the vigil mass for Easter Saturday night.

I teach RCIA in my parish, and we have a number of folks being baptized and a larger number being received into full communion with the Catholic Church, and all of those will get their confirmation as well as first communion. Its such an exciting time, and arguably the most beautiful Mass we Catholics have. The neat thing is I also get to serve others in Christ - I'll be a Eucharistic Minister at that mass!

So, given the proper order of things: God, Family, Country - the blog (country) is going to lag in terms of currency of stories - and might be a bit content light over the weekend. I'll try to post a story or two but no guarantees. I apologize in advance... Well, wait. No I don't. My priorities are in line with my core beliefs, so I'm not going to apologize for that. I do promise that I will catch up on the Monday following Easter, so keep visiting - and hit the links if I don't have anything new enough for you, but do come back - and on Sunday be sure to vote via the widget in the column over on the left - when they reset the PJ Media poll. (Yes, this is dated 4/8, so it stays at the top - actual post date and time is 4/5 23:08 MDT)

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OrdinaryColoradoan said...

Enjoy your Easter everyone. He Is Risen!

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