Friday, April 13, 2007

Colorado GOP, do we have it?
"Show Me State" Shows Us! (AoTD4/13)

This is a great endorsement in a key swing state - once again Missouri, the "Show Me" state, shows us how its done! Look for more endorsements coming on April 18 when Fred Thompson visits with Congress. OK Colorado Republicans, do you have what it takes to step up and sound off for Fred Thompson, and reclaim the title of "Reagan Republicans" in Colorado? (read more at my ending comments)


56 Republican House Members Sign Bearden’s “Draft Thompson for President” Petition

Today State Representative Carl Bearden (R-St. Charles), Speaker Pro Tem of the Missouri House of Representatives, announced the 56 of his fellow Missouri House Republicans have declared support for Fred Thompson’s potential presidential candidacy by signing the Missouri “Draft Thompson for President” petition. A full 63% of the House Republican Caucus signed on.

“The signatures of these Representatives and other Missourians from across the state represent the broad support and surging momentum in our state for Fred,” Speaker Pro Tem Bearden said. “What we are seeing is the beginning of a grassroots campaign that can carry Fred Thompson to the Republican nomination and all the way to the White House.”

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Rep. Bearden indicated that Thompson supporters were swayed by the former U.S. Senator’s consistent conservative record, his plainspoken values, and his charisma that resonates with citizens from all walks of life.

“I support the draft petition because Fred Thompson possesses all the qualities that make a great President,” Rep. Walt Bivins (R-St. Louis) said.

Rep. Ed Emery (R-Lamar) said, “Fred Thompson is the kind of conservative Republican that will win big in rural Missouri.”

“Fred Thompson’s campaign would bring the excitement and energy needed for Republicans to keep the White House in 2008,” Rep. David Day (R-Dixon) added.

Speaker Pro Tem Bearden said that in addition to his fellow House members, Missourians from across the state have bombarded him with emails urging and supporting a Thompson run. He also noted that Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder declared his strong support for Thompson this week.

Courtesy of St Louis Today

Is there any fight left in the GOP in Colorado? Or are we going to kiss the ring of Focus Groups and Fat Cats, and then let the same rudderless Country Club bunch, who gave things away over the last 8 years, put it over on us rank and file party members again? It is time to step up and bypass the out of touch "elites" who keep bringing us "more of the same" - the same bunch that lost a Senate seat, 2 Republican leaning congressional districts, both sides of the state legislature and the governor's seat. They have already bought into "more of the same" endorsing flip-flopping multi-millionaire "Multiple Choice Mitt" Romney - one of their own. Let them know the grass roots want out of this rut. Fred Thompson, with his authenticity, honesty, integrity, down-home appeal, and ability to communicate conservative ideals to non-conservatives shows that he is the candidate we need for Colorado and the Nation. Fred Thompson will have the coat tails we can ride up and out of the rut in Colorado. Time to step up and sound off, or else be resigned to being in the minority for a long time. I'm game - are any of our legislators gutsy enough?

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USAF Aurora said...

You hit it on the head. Same loser guys keep picking losers form their buddies.

Time to change things. Keep up the good fight.

Anonymous said...

Fred is the last best hope for the GOP nationally and here in Colorado.

Menorah said...

A strange thing happened a few weeks back when I went to the Café Promenade
at the Mayflower Hotel for an off-the-record interview with an unpaid
adviser to the non-campaign of unannounced presidential candidate Fred

Fred Thompson showed up

Ordinary Coloradan said...

Thanks for the head up - great link! (Im writing it up as an article right now)

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