Friday, May 4, 2007

Thanks for those who called!

I don't know what impact we had, but I appreciate the involvement and courage of each and every one of you who called. If you have not called, you can still do so!

Thanks for the supportive emails you sent to me as well! We have not yet begun to fight for real in Colorado, so keep your powder dry and stay tuned - lots more Fred Thompson coming your way

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Phone Calls Needed! Take 2 Minutes to Make 2 Calls

Save the direct link to this article if you want to ever get in touch with the Colorado Republican leadership - the info will stay here below the "Read More..." label

UPDATE: Bumped up daily until the session ends - CALL TODAY!

Please call the 2 GOP legislative leaders listed below and tell them "No Endorsement, Don't Sell Colorado Short!" And then call people you know that would be willing to take a couple minutes to call the 2 GOP legislative leaders like you just did. Just 2 phone calls and a couple of minutes is all it takes.

Deliver the message:

"Keep your powder dry! Have the courage to wait, stand tall and resist lobbyist pressure. Don't sell Colorado short.

Stop endorsements of specific candidates. Why? ...because its too soon ...because the Giuliani and Romney are all weak and flawed candidates ...because o the issues Romney is hip deep in spin and drilling deeper ...because Guiliani is too liberal for Colorado. Remind the Colorado GOP Leadership that Fred Thompson, one of the top polling candidates nation wide, is not in the race yet, so they could be tying Colorado to a loser.

We need as many calls as we can get, as fast as we can get them - one call to each of the Legislative Leaders per person (Don't call more than once each please). So get going:

House Minority Leader * Mike May 303-866-5523,

Senate Minority Leader * Andrew McElhany 303-866-2318, No Email listed

Optional Call: Colorado Republicans * Phone: 303-758-3333 Fax: 303-753-4611

Be sure to email the info here to ALL the folks that you can think of where it would be welcomed (but try not to PO people -- don't send it to people not interested). Also talk to people as well. This means your gun club buddies, friendly water cooler folks from work, your church group (especially if they are Pro Life), your relatives, people you chat with during the day if this comes up, etc. Encourage all those to make the 2 calls - support the legislators in resisting the lobbyists.

If these legislators do not hear from "we the people", then they will think that we (conservatives and "Joe 6 Pack" Republicans) don't matter and don't care that they are selling the party off so early to Giuliani and Romney.

Yes, stopping endorsements for now will help Fred Thompson, I'm not about to claim otherwise. But the more important issue for us in Colorado: This is a way to keep the party from self destructing by splitting into 2 factions, each backing a different loser (Guiliani, Romney), neither of whom represent Colorado Republican values.

If there is time for more calls, please call the state GOP as well - its listed below the 2 main folks we need to talk to. Have plenty of time? There are more numbers are listed on our site here, but it is best, for now, to concentrate on the leadership and state party officials for maximum impact.


Anonymous said...

I'll be calling in the morning!

Kurt and Kristen Luidhardt said...

Go Thompson!!

Ordinary Coloradan said...

I'm cheering him on - thanks for adding your support!

Ordinary Coloradan said...

Well, it looks like what small response we have triggered here may have registered.

Thanks to any and all who called!

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