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Contact Republicans in the State Assembly (AoTD 4/18-29)

Bumped daily as Article Of The Day. There are rumors and reports of moves afoot by the party insiders in Denver to grab the state legislature's leadership backing for Giuliani or Romney before the session lets out. We need to put a stop to that. Act Now.

Call the Republican Leadership and let them know: STOP! Wait until all the racers are on the track - and wait until Fred Thompson declares. Especially: No Guiliani!

First -call the leadership (below the fold). Then Check and see if your local representative and senator are republicans - if they are be sure to call them. Try looking at the Colorado State Legislature site. When you call, be sure to offer your name, where you are from (in general the city or county is enough, explain why you are calling and ask them if they'd like your phone number. Remember to thank them for passing your message along to the Senator or Representative. Polite and calm wins the day.

For the names and phone numbers for the Colorado Legislative Republican Leadership, Hit READ MORE. There are also some talking points if you need them and a sample call.

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Points to make on the call: (USE YOUR OWN WORDS - these are just an example)

* There are reports and rumors that the state party people and power brokers are pushing legislators to back one of two factions: Guiliani or Romney.

* I believe this is a wrong move for Republicans in Colorado.

* Rudy Guiliani presents far too many problems for Republicans in Colorado

* Wrong side of the abortion question for most Republicans, in favor of federal funding for abortions

* Giuliani is wrong on guns, and generally wrong for Colorado.

* Romney is a spin artist, not a genuine conservative - look at his "lifelong hunter" baloney.

* It is a mistake splitting the party

* It is a mistake to endorse any candidate that does not genuinely support ALL of the conservative common sense values like the 2nd Amendment, Pro Life, and Small Government.

* (optionally) Fred Thompson is a better choice as he will appeal to both conservative and independents.

And this is a VERY important one to raise with Republican Party HQ:

How can you square Mayor Guiliani's liberal positions on social issues with those of Bob Schaeffer, who is likely going to be our Senate candidate? We cannot have a party running against itself.

If they have questions about your positions, simply talk to them about your concerns - do not read froma script, be genuine. If there are questions about Fred Thompson that you do not know, point them to Draft Fred Thompson and The Committee to Draft Fred Thompson. Or alternately to this web site.

Its especially important to call these guys - we need as many as we can get - so start NOW! A CALL is more effective than an email.

Whatever you do, be sure to call as many of the party leadership listed below as you can in addition to your local Republican rep and senator (if you are fortunate enough to have one). Be sure to also call all your friends and get them to call these legislators as well.

People to talk to:

At a MINIMUM - call the House Leader Mike May and Senate Leader Andrew McElhany, and the State GOP Headquarters, the first 3 listed below:

House Minority Leader
May, Mike
District 44 Douglas
Cap: 303-866-5523

Senate Minority Leader
McElhany, Andrew
SDist 12 El Paso County
Cap: 303-866-2318
No Email

Colorado Republicans (The State party)
1777 S. Harrison Street, Ste. 100
Denver, CO. 80210
Phone: 303-758-3333
Fax: 303-753-4611

And if you have the time, call these as well.

House Assistant Minority Leader
Balmer, David G
Dist 39 Arapahoe
Cap: 303-866-2935

House Minority Caucus Chair
Cadman, Bill
HDist 15 El Paso County
Cap: 303-866-5525

Senate Assistant Minority Leader
Spence, Nancy
SDist 27 Arapahoe County
Cap: 303-866-4883

Senate Minority Caucus Leader
May, Ron
SDist 10 El Paso County
Cap: 303-866-2737

Here is a sample call:

Hello, My name is Ordinary Coloradan, and I'm calling from Arapahoe County. I'd like to leave a message for Representative Mays regarding a rumor going around. I heard that the legislative and party leadership are pushing legislators to endorsing Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani, depending on faction. I believe this is a wrong move for Republicans in Colorado. Mitt Romney is not credible nor authentic in his stands on the important issues - he is a hip deep in spin and drilling deeper. Rudy Guiliani causes too many problems for Republicans in Colorado. He is on the wrong side of the abortion question for most Republicans, he is in favor of federal funding, he has been repeatedly wrong on guns, and is generally wrong for Colorado. Don't make the mistake of splitting the party by abandoning conservatives. [if they seem receptive: Give Fred Thompson a look first - he is the one Republican capable of building consensus and uniting conservatives and independents. He is the kind of candidate we need to win in Colorado.]
Thanks for letting Representative Mays know what we grass roots Republicans are thinking out here! Would you like my phone number so you can call me if you have any questions? Its 303-555-1212. Again, thanks for your time, and please let Representative Mays know we are concerned, and thanks for holding the line against the Democrat majority. Have a good day - Bye! [if you talked about Fred before then you could add something like this in: I believe Senator Thompson will be the better candidate and he deserves more consideration before anyone decides anything.]

Let them know - NO Guiliani! He's too liberal for Colorado. Endorse Fred Thompson - or at least don't endorse anyone until Fred declares! You do not want to jump too soon - wait until the big guy jumps in!

If you have time, these are good points to make too:

* Did you know that Fred Thompson won the straw poll in Oklahoma last week with more than triple the votes of Guiliani?

* Did you know that Missouri Speaker, Lt Gov and state legislators overwhelmingly have backed him in a petition just 2 weeks ago?

* Did you know that Fred Thompson outpolls the other Republicans nationally except Guiliani?

* Did you know he has done all this prior to starting his own campaign?

If they want to talk about Fred Thompson:

Fred Thompson is polling well nationally, and has political stands on things that will appeal to a broad swath of Colorado voters. And what's more important is that he is a consensus builder and a uniter, not a polarizing figure, and he is rated positively by conservatives and independents alike.

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