Thursday, March 22, 2007

National Right to Life on Fred Thompson

Someone in the Romney booster blogs was apparently floating a rumor that Fred Thompson was pro-choice during his senate years. Well... lets see what the National Right To Life folks have to say:

This morning, I cited reports being promoted by the pro-Romney blog Evangelicals for Mitt suggesting that Fred Thompson ran his two campaigns for Senate in Tennessee as a pro-choicer. Not so, National Right to Life executive co-director Darla St. Martin just told me.

St. Martin said that she went down to Tennessee in 1994 to speak with Thompson personally when he first ran for Senate, and that she determined he was against abortion.

"I interviewed him and on all of the questions I asked him, he opposed abortion," St. Martin said. She told me that the group went on to support him in that election, and his record reinforced for her that their determination was correct.

"He has a consistent voting record that is pro-life," she said.

Looks like Fred Thompson is getting some folks worried - he hasn't even declared yet and someone is already trying to distort his positions.

(UPDATE: turns out the distortion comes from a known anti-Thompson blogger in Nashville who apparently hates Fred Thompson and isnt above using disingenuous statements. I guess Fred's famous red pickup ran over that guy's cat or something)

What odd things you find in another region's politics. Then again we don't have much room to talk here in Colorado with the People's Republic of Boulder, Tom Tancredo, and all that.

Courtesy of Philip Klein of AmSpecBlog on The American Spectator

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