Friday, March 23, 2007

A former Fred Thompson Senatorial staffer speaks

Found this jewel of a piece by an 8 year Fred Thompson Senatorial Staffer:

I have heard the arguments why Fred will not run: he doesn’t like to campaign; he doesn’t have the fire in his belly; he won't leave a great gig like Law and Order; it’s just a stunt to boost his speaking fees and profile on Law and Order; it goes on and on. But some of those arguments were the same ones that were raised when he first ran for the Senate. Other arguments assume a level of cynicism that is completely out of character for the guy for whom I worked for eight years. If ever there were an opportunity to grandstand, it was the U.S. Senate. He never did it.

The Fred Thompson I know first ran for the Senate out of a sense of duty and obligation. He left his law and acting career for the grind of the campaign and the office because he felt that the country was heading in the wrong direction and the Senate need more people in it who were there to do what was right and not just be a senator.

I have to agree that I am not that excited about any of the current crop of presidential candidates, but I am atwitter about Thompson. Not out of some self-serving motivation, but because I think the country needs someone like Fred. Unlike every other candidate running, being president is not something that has been percolating in his brain since he became an adult—or in Bill Clinton’s case, since boyhood. I have more confidence in someone who seeks the office because of a sense of duty than someone who merely covets the office.

You can read the whole thing here

The author is Kelvin Moxley (He is the third entry down on that page)

His Bio: Tennessee native Kelvin Moxley is a long-time Conservative activist. He has had a distinguished career in (Tenn) state and national politics serving as editor and publisher of the Conservative Spectator and policy analyst for United States Senator Fred Thompson during Thompson’s eight-year Senate career.

Courtesy of Columnist/Blogger Michael Silence of KnoxNews

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