Friday, March 30, 2007

Frist: Fred Thompson 'Very Aggressively' Considering Running

It looks like Bill Frist is stepping up to bat for Fred Thompson - and is trying to get out in front of things with his support.

"He recognizes that at this point in history, people want somebody who can communicate effectively, who can communicate directly, who can cut through a lot of the rhetoric," Frist said of Thompson. “And Fred can do just that".

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"Over the next several weeks, and it could even be months, he’s going to continue to consider it very, very aggressively," Frist added.

And should his consideration turn into a decision to run, Frist said Thompson will have the automatic advantages of name – or at the very least, face – recognition as well as the communication skills necessary to cut through the 'partisan rhetoric' that Americans have become fed up with.

But whether or not Thompson has what it takes to emerge out of an already crowded Republican primary field that includes other notable candidates such as Arizona Sen. and former White House hopeful John McCain and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is still up for debate, Frist said.

"As to who can win the primary at this point, John McCain is doing a great job and he’s done it before, and the other people who are in are outstanding people as well," Frist said. "So I can’t predict who’s going to most appeal to the American people. But I know that Fred has the tools and the substance to get in, communicate directly and get his message out in a way that few other people can."

Courtesy of Jared Allen in The Nashville City Paper

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