Friday, February 1, 2008

McCain - "Judge me by the company I keep". Ok...

OK Sen McCain, lets take a look and see who keeps you company when things really count...

  • NY Times - liberal bastion endorsement (plus too many other liberal papers to name)
  • John Kerry - flirted with leaving the GOP to become a Dem VP
  • Russ Feingold - limits on political speech
  • Ted Kennedy - promotes amnesty for illegals
  • Lieberman & Edwards - unilaterally hobble the US in regulations and bureacracy fighting a hoax: anthropogenic global warming.
  • Geraldo - favors open borders
  • National Council For The Race (aka 'La Raza') - Hispanic Racist activist group.
  • Juan Hernandez your Outreach Director - MEXICAN CITIZEN who wants 7th generation to think "Mexico First"
And Oh yeah...

  • Charles Keating from whom McCain took money, a guy that cost the nation millions in the Savings and Loan fraud debacle.

McCain is a dead duck come the main election against Clinton/OBama and the Dem smear machine.

Just say NO to the two-faced non-conservative McCain. Even if you have to hold your nose, caucus for Romney on Tuesday in Colorado.

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