Friday, January 4, 2008

Iowa? Full of...

Idiots apprently, who would vote the superficialities of their Evangelical beleifs without bothering to look at the acctual effects and history of the candidate and policies. The empty headed populist rhetoric along with the constant "I am the Jesus Candidate" of Huckbee apparently fooled a lot of people in Iowa. And Huckabee lied - he ran the attack ad even after he said he was not going to. The state that gave large numbers to Pat Robertson and Buchanan strikes again with Huckabee (and Ron paul in double digits). Fools!


MuscleDaddy said...

So - your group have anything to do yet?

Here's what I sent to Bill Lacy in response to the "Ticket to the Next Dance" email from Fred08:
Mr. Lacy,

I think that one of the most important things that you, as Fred's campaign manager, can do right now is to work at getting both the MSM and - inexplicably - Conservative Talk Radio to stop treating Fred like some in-passing footnote in the ongoing saga the 'media-annointed' candidates.

I was listening to Laura Ingraham this morning - Giuliani got drop-kicked in Iowa yesterday, but still got more mention than Fred.

In fact, Fred was only mentioned in the terms of "who will he endorse now that he's going to drop out"!

Mr. Lacy, people who want to know, both can and do know that Fred is the only identifiably Conservative candidate running for president...

- unfortunately WE are not the ones who will do the 'electing' - that honor will go to the millions of American citizens who can't be bothered to crank up their computers or do the least bit of their own research - instead trusting "the voices" on the radio & living-room-idiot-box to tell them what they should think.

Those "voices" need to start speaking Fred's name as something other than a curiosity.

We're dead-in-the-water, unless YOU can get that turned around.

...and by "we" I mean all of us.

Anyway, let me know if there's 'work of noble note' - I'm in Denver.

- MuscleDaddy

Beth "FredHead" York said...

I am in Colorado and have a blog for Fred, too.
I, too, have been a bit frustrated at the lack of response from the campaign. We have quite a few excited people here, but we aren't sure of what to do, except to make phone calls and make donations. I think we need to set up a party of some kind and get the word out so the Fred Heads in the Denver area can all meet and get the word out better.
What are your thoughts?
I'm very excited by Fred's 3rd place showing. Would I have loved it if he'd won? SURE! But usually the candidate that is really viable for the long haul is the candidate who shows well both in Iowa and New Hampshire, since the voters there are so very different.
So, if Fred can even come in 2nd to 4th in NH, I think he's headed for the nomination!
And, although I wear a lot of hats already, I am willing to do what I can for the campaign. Just give us some direction!

Ordinary Coloradan said...

Thanks for the responses.

I'm trying to get in touch with some folks to see how we can organize ourselves for the Feb 5 caucuses here in Colorado.

I'll post more as I get it. Hopefully the campaign will finally pay attention to us out here. If romney collapses, then we ahve a great opportunity to pick up the pices out here - but we need to be ready and have bakcing set up, and a plan to go with.

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