Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Natives are getting restless out west

This is fairly simple. The Thompson campaign appears to have abandoned the early supporters, the grass roots and the internet. I am getting direct mails, and have notices that Fred's online presence has dwindled away to nothing other than his website.

And here is a damning post I saw on a newsboard. After he goes through the reasons he cannot support Hucakabee as a nannystater, Romney as untrustworthy flip-flop fake, Guiliani as wrong on immigration, 2nd Amendment, judges and being pro-life, and Ron Paul for being a nutter...

As many of you know I was touting Thompson here in March. And for a while it seemed that Fred was the guy. He has all the right stands, his Federalist approach is exactly what we need. He is strong on 2nd amendment rights, strict judges, border AND internal enforcement against illegal aliens, strong on winning the war on Islamic Fascism, strong on smaller but more efficient government, and strong on individual liberty. What's not to like? BUT...

He isn't campaigning worth a crap - he is the right guy philosophically, but nobody is hearing about it, and those grass roots organizers like me have been shunted aside and ignored. I had well over a hundred people stepping up in my state ready to do the footwork. But we have gotten ZERO response from the campaign, and the numbers have withered away to less than 2 dozen, because there is simply NOTHING TO DO.

The campaign never called us, never emailed us never acknowledged that we
existed.The new people that came in August to run the show threw away all the internet support, threw away and neglected the grass roots except to send old-style direct mailers to us recently begging for money, threw away his Youtube spots, threw away the podcasts, and threw away all the momentum we generated. Its like they want to run a 1992 campaign, top-down, direct-mai and phone based. But its 2007 dammit, thats a recipe for losing!

So now, unless someone in the Thompson campaign wakes the hell up and shakes things up, Fred is done.

And that leave me with precisely NOBODY I want to vote FOR on the Republican side. I will not be donating money, I will not be volunteering to do campaign work. I will only ultimately pull the lever AGAINST the Dems, because the porkers and powerbrokers in the Republican Party have failed to leave the Country Club and come back for us Sam's Club Republicans.

My thoughts exactly. Country Club vs Sams Club. It is how the Republican Party in Colorado managed to demolish what had been a great conservative to moderate party, allowing the left to move in wholesale, state wide. And now its happening on a national scale.

And by the way Thompson Campaign, I am still waiting for even a single email from you about several Thompson domains I own. Its been months.


vmar10159 said...

Buddy, you have to relax, take a chill pill. Fred is campaigning just fine right now. I caught him on the stump twice in the past week- he did fine, and people were genuinely impressed by him on both stops. The MSM and other people who can never be satisfied expect him to be in 4 places at once.

There is plenty of grassroots support for Fred- check us out at blogsforfredthompson.com. If you want to contact the campaign, give me your email, I will provide you with the contact information of someone within the campaign.

Ordinary Coloradan said...

Actually Fred had faded a LOT but loks like he may have come to his senses. He should bring back Corallo and company that were workign for him back in March and April.

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