Thursday, September 6, 2007

Still going, and words on Hewitt, Coward Romney and Cancer

Still working things out here in web land - trying to get someone from the actual Thompson campaign to hand off some Thompson domains I hold.

More importantly, I got an email from "CO Conservative" about Hewitt trying to raise Thompson's cancer as an issue via bloomberg and politico. Hewitt uses pretty selective and misleading editing on his site in this case. And CO-Cons already posted my whole blog entry for that into Hugh's blog, so no need for me to say much more other than, yes, I will join you guys in boycotting Hewitt and his advertizers here in Colorado.

Courtesy of This is the FULL truth on Thompson's cancer

Hewitt deserves harsh treatment for such scummy actions against a fellow Republican. Especially since Hewitt is just an errand boy for Romney anyways. Whats the matter Mitt, not man enough to make your own attacks? Can't stand the heat you;d generate if you were to do this sort of low-road crap yourself? You never have been man enough Mitt - starting with your fake "Evangelica's for Mitt" who were neither Evangelicals nor FOR you - they were just a PR firm churning out hit pieces. And now you use your lapdog Hewitt. Mitt, you are a coward, not man enough to do your own dirty work. You'll NEVER get my vote, you gutless fake.


Mr Bob said...

Dude, I think your post is beneath you! I am dissapointed.
It is true that Hugh has always been for his old friend Romney that is pretty obvious (even though he says he isn't) but to say that He is working for Romney directly is over the top.
I think you should back off and take the high road, let other "lesser" blogs do that kind of accusing.
Getting to know you a little over these last couple of months I understand you are a fighter (takes one to know one) but choose your battles or you will delegitimize your blog.

Alice H said...

The Fred Thompson campaign can't really directly contact any grassroots organizations during the campaign, thanks to McCain-Feingold. That's probably why you haven't heard back on your domains.

Alice H

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