Friday, September 7, 2007

Looks like waiting did not hurt Fred's donations

Check out the first 12 hours.

Enroute to another campaign stop in Iowa, Team Thompson provided an update on how former Tennessee senator and now presidential candidate Fred Thompson’s “Tonight Show” and Internet video launch has been received.

Since midnight, some 13,195 people have registered at Thompson’s Web site, and he’s raked in more than $300,000 in online donations. The site has received 126,000 unique visitors and Thompson’s 15-minute announcement video was seen 110,000 times, Thompson aides report.

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal "Washington Wire"

I bolded what stands out to me - 13,000 volunteers and over $300,000 in donations in less that 12 hours, in the middle of the night! And all that without a concurrent telemarketing or mailing campaign to support the website launch, just word of mouth and an appearance on Leno. Thats all grass roots!

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