Monday, August 6, 2007

Fred Thompson: Criticism of My Wife Should Be Directed at Me

Its about time Fred started addressing the ankle biters. We are hitting the "dog days of summer" and it looks like the press is nothing but a bunch of moronic dogs who cannot even do basic fact checking.

I asked her to do certain things for me. She did what I asked her to do.”

The former senator said his wife’s actions, however they have been interpreted in the press, have been at his behest. “She always looks out for my best interests, and when she sees something that she knows I would not approve of, or is not in my best interest, she voices that concern — in other words, just exactly the way I would want her to. Now, some people don’t like that, especially some people who have their own issue with regard to the campaign, shall we say, and they take advantage of putting out anonymous comments and so forth.”

“She’s not going to become a public commentator and personality as a candidate’s wife until there’s a candidate,” he said.

Courtesy of Citizens For Thompson has the article summary

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Virginian for FDT said...

I just love defending Jeri and can tell you that unlike Rudy's family, there is no doubt who Jeri and FDT's older children are voting for.... Jeri totally rocks. Great job CO for Thompson. Love your blog. All the best!

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