Thursday, July 12, 2007

WaPo says Fred Thompson will wait till September?

Say it aint so! IMHO thats a mistake. We will probably lose our pros here and their contacts - and the FUND RAISING that could have happened. It will cost him a key support in Colorado that may now go to Romney and Giuliani, or else will sit on the sidelines until it no longer matters (especially money people).

Fred D. Thompson has decided not to formally announce his presidential campaign this month and may wait until September to end the suspense for Republicans, according to several sources in his campaign.

When the former senator from Tennessee first acknowledged his interest in the White House in early June, campaign advisers indicated he was likely to wait until early July to announce, after spending a month raising money and putting together an organization.

Courtesy of The Washington Post

Waiting until September is an unforced error in my opinion, one that will cost him out here in Colorado. Who is convincing him this is the best course? I hope they realize they are passing a LOT of fund raising and support in Colorado. Funds and support that will not be there in September unless they aggressively go after it now.


Anonymous said...
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Ordinary Coloradan said...

Troll elsewhere. (Comment deleted)

Mr Bob said...

it is time for Fred to realize how much cash he is losing out on by staying out too long. It is time.
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