Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fred Thompson Fundraising Report for June

Pretty good numbers for a single first month - and no organized drive, just a website and a couple of fundraisers.

  • Time covered: June 1-30
  • Total Raised: $3,462,355.05
  • Total expenses: $625,745.97
  • Net: $2,836,609.08
  • Biggest Single Expense: Web hardware $66,750
  • Payroll total (including taxes): $106,852
  • Burn rate: 18.0%
  • Fundraising events included: 2
  • Number of donors: 9,167
  • Avg. contribution: $369.87
  • Number of online donors: 7,534
  • Total online donations: $771,783
  • Number of donors under $200 (small donors): 6,888
  • 75% (6,888) of the contributors gave less than $200.
  • Contributions came from 50 states and D.C
  • Peyton Manning- Super Bowl winning Quarterback from the University of Tennessee
  • John M. Dowd — a Washington, D.C., attorney and former John McCain backer — donated $2,300 (his wife Carol Dowd donate the same amount)
  • Eugene Volokh — prominent UCLA law professor and libertarian blogger — donated $750
  • Al D'Amato — a former New York senator who endorsed Mr. Thompson on NY1 earlier this year — donated $2,300
  • Douglas J. Feith — a former undersecretary of defense and architect of the Iraq war — donated $2,300
  • Kirby Wilbur — prominent conservative Washington State radio host — donated $2,300
  • Fred Malek- president of Thayer Capital Partners and a huge fundraising poobah, and one of Sen. John McCain's finance chairmen, his wife, Marlene, is listed as donating $2,300 to the Thompson effort
  • Mack Mattingly- former senator from Georgia who endorsed Thompson
  • Johnnie Byrd- former Florida House Speaker and 2004 Senate candidate
Thats only an 18% burn rate. And most of his money is small donor and online. Meaning he can go to the well again for that. And thats with practically no staff for fund raising - remember, in June he didn't even have a campaign aide making public appearances with him until late in the month. Compare and contrast to Romney, who, despite burning over 70% of his first quarter $25 Million he raised (including millions he funded out of pocket to his campaign) and many millions more since then, still languishes at 9% nationally, and has wasted untold money on a meaningless straw poll in Ames. Not as well as hoped, but a good start - and the color of the money, a good chunk of it online, and a majority of it grass roots, and small donor, bodes VERY well. Of course you are not going to hear that part of it, only the gross amounts and how it wasn't 5 million that some (including myself) were bandying about. If he kept that up in July, at a similar burn rate but a slightly reduced intake (or same intake and higher burn), that means he is hitting August with $5 million or so available.

So riding in second place in most polls, big in key states of SC and FL, sitting on 5 million, and he has barely started to do real retail fundraising and has not started to campaign. Not a bad place to be.

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