Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Conservative Catholic leader joins Fred Thompson Campaign

This is a BIG Catch for Fred Thompson - it brings someone with a strong voice in the Conservative Catholics as part of his campaign. And it will give him reach into the "Reagan Democrat" demographic. By the way, go read the blog at that link - its quite interesting.

We were pleased, but not surprised, to read this morning that Sen. Fred Thompson has secured the services of Joseph Cella of Fidelis, a conservative Catholic advocacy group.

Cella began reading the old Dayton v. Kennedy blog from its inception and was kind to offer us long-distance advice — advice we often took.

This is a major catch for the prenatal Thompson candidacy as it continues to man up. It signals that Senator Thompson’s brain trust sees the GOP nomination contest emerging as a battle between Thompson and Mayor Giuliani — the candidate of whom Fidelis has been most critical.

Courtesy of Truth vs the Machine

As a very conservative and very Catholic person, I am ecstatic to see this move! The Republican Party has tended to ignore us Catholics, and its about time we are seeing a candidate who realizes we are not the kinds who support nutty nuns who attack missile silos. True on some issues we may be to the left of some hard-core conservatives, but those are matters of opinion and most of us (Conservative Catholics) in the Church are free to dissent (like immigration, where the Bishops erred on the side of compassion supporting the flawed amnesty bill; instead of going after the problem, they were trying to cure the symptoms).

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