Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Donate to, or Sign Up With, the Official Thompson Campaign

If you can, please donate, even if its just a small amount, like $25. Every little bit helps and it is easy! Fill out the blanks over on the side where it says "Im With Fred" and then click the Contribute button. It will take you securely to Fred's site with the blanks filled in - and it lets him know that we Colorado Fred Heads are sending people and money his way.

If you would rather mail in a check, please look at the comments for this article - the instructions are there.

If you do not wish to donate, that's fine too - Fred needs to build up his volunteer lists! Just visit the Link below to the sign-up page at Fred Thompson's site.

I'm With Fred!"

And be sure to email me to signup as a Colorado FredHead - my address is also over there to the side, look for and click on the gmail graphic. I can get you signed up as a Colorado FredHead! You'll call or meet other FredHeads in your area, get to know your local legislators and politicians who support Fred, and spread the word about Fred Thompson to your friends and neighbors!

[Note: The date on this is being changed daily to keep it near the top of the page] While you're here, use the link below to leave me a comment on what you'd like to see at your Colorado Fred Thompson web site


Ordinary Coloradan said...

Not Comfortable with online donations? Then do it the old fashioned way:

Checks should be made payable to:

Friends of Fred Thompson

Checks should be mailed to:
Friends of Fred Thompson
P.O. Box 128349
Nashville, TN 37212-8349

HOWEVER! Do not send any check without filling out the proper Federal Elections Committee Paperwork.

Print out the "form" in the next comment and fill it out completely.

Ordinary Coloradan said...

You'll need to Copy and Paste.

I'll be putting a PDF up someplace, in a day or two.

Contributions to Friends of Fred Thompson are not
tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Contributions to Friends of Fred Thompson will be
used in connection with federal elections and are
subject to the limits and prohibitions of federal
law. The maximum an individual may contribute is
$2,300 ($4,600 per couple). Joint contributions
require the signatures of both spouses. Corporate
and foreign national contributions are not permitted
under federal law.

Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to
obtain and report the name, mailing address,
occupation and name of employer for each individual
whose contributions aggregate in excess of $200 in
an election cycle.

Full name (and Spouse Name if joint)


City State Zip

Home Phone Office Phone

Fax E-Mail

Employer and Occupation

Spouse’s Employer and Spouse’s Occupation

Check Contributions

The contribution to Friends of Fred Thompson
drawn on check # _______________ of the account
named as ____________________________________ ,
represents personal funds and is not drawn on
an account maintained by an incorporated entity.

Signature of Original Contributor

Signature of Spouse (if joint contribution)

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This site has no affiliation nor relationship with any organization, nor any affiliation or relationship to Fred Thompson, and is not authorized by any candidate nor by any candidate's committee.

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