Monday, June 4, 2007

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Just a quick plug for a new website - Ladies and Gentlemen: The Fredipedia! (visit there - there are tons of links in addition to the ones I cite below)

Fredipedia v2.37
Major Buzz:
Tom McClintock: Could This Be The One...
Bob Novak: Without a campaign, Fred Thompson gains support
Cato Institute: Is Fred Thompson a Small-Government Conservative?
St. Petersburg Times: Lots of Florida Buzz for Fred Thompson
AP: Romney speech overshadowed by possible Thompson candidacy

Richmond Buzz:
WaPo: Thompson Generates Buzz in Richmond
NY Times: Thompson Makes Strong Pitch to Conservative Republicans
Richmond Times Dispatch: Crowd cheers ex-Tenn. senator
Mason Conservative: RPV Gala

Paper Filing Buzz:
USA TODAY: Fred says he's running; tells how he will do it
The Politico: Fred Thompson Running For President
National Review Online: It will be July, but it won't be on the 4th
Rasmussen: Polls Show Thompson Competitive as He Prepares to Enter White House Race
The Tennessean: Thompson says he plans to run, wants to be 2008's outsider
The RealClearPolitics Blog: 'The Fred has Landed'
Captain's Quarters: Fred Takes The First Step
NY Times: Fred Thompson move sends ripples through Republican party
Washington Post: Fred's In; Who's Hurt?
Weekly Standard: Fred will raise cash and form exploratory committee

Courtesy of FAQMaster Sturm at the Fred Thompson FAQ website

Be sure to pay a visit - feedback is needed on what should be added and what is missing from the site.

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