Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fred Thompson Starts Staffing the Midwest

Fred is getting serious: targeting the Midwest will be the key battleground this year. Fred can lock up the South in a general election run, and if he nails the Midwest, and picks up the Rocky Mountain West, then the electoral college gives him the presidency. So when do we see Fred's Campaign get some staff out here in the Rocky Mountain West? Hey Fred - I know a guy by the name of Wes that you oughta be talking to out here!

Former Sen. Fred Thompson has taken his first step toward organizing a campaign for Iowa's leadoff presidential nominating caucuses by hiring a top Iowa Republican campaign staff member, aides to Thompson confirmed Monday.

Thompson has signed Andrew Dorr to serve as his Midwest political director should the actor and Tennessee Republican run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008.

"This is the kind of stellar team Senator Thompson is attracting as he continues to move forward in his determinations," Thompson spokesman Mark Corallo said. "It means Senator Thompson will be ready, should he decide to run, and will have the right team in place to be successful when it's time to go to the caucuses."

Courtesy of The DesMoines Register

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Check out Fred's exclusive comment with Ed Morrissey on BlogTalkRadio!

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