Friday, June 22, 2007

Fred Thompson shows Tax Cuts good for our Kids

Well, all of you who were wondering how Fred stands on Taxes, here you go. I think you'll find a lot to like. I wonder if we can find a Republican in Colorado with the courage to take a principled stand against the Dem's "stealth" tax hike here in Colorado? I'm not holding my breath, they;re all too busy out at the country club.

One of the reasons I keep ringing the bell about the Bush tax cuts is that they’ve been so good for our country in so many ways. Letting them expire would amount to a tax hike of historic proportions -- a tax hike that would take a higher share of our total economy than any year but one since the end of World War II.

With increased revenues (ED:Due to economic growth from the tax cuts)on a state and local level, more police were hired. Financially healthy families took their children to doctors more often, who were more likely to prescribe medications and other treatments. The study even pointed out that increased financial health reduces family tensions and produces happier children -- less prone to problem behaviors.

The irony is that we got these improvements in our children’s lives from a strong economy driven by tax cuts. Now we're being told that tax cuts have to end, so that the government can tax us and spend the money on programs to accomplish what Americans already did for themselves. And they did it far better than any bureaucracy ever could.

Courtesy of Fred Thompson, The Thompson Report

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