Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Colorado Fred Thompson Volunteers

I need to hear form you folks.

We have about 2-3 weeks left to get names togther, call each other and get acquainted before Fred Thompson finally declares fully. I hope that we get some paid staff out here sometime soon - handling things on a volunteer basis without any national contact, guidance or support simply isn't going to hold up well in the long run here in Colorado, since we face the paid staff that Romney and Giuliani have here, who have insider access. The only way we can overcome this is sheer numbers to help the official campaign hit the ground running.

So be ready, and start grabbing friends and relatives who might be interested. Send them to the Take Me To Fred website, register with the "I'm With Fred" folks there, and then drop me an email so I can get them on our lists here, and we can get together for coffee with our neighbors who have signed up.

The time to act is now, since it will take us a couple of weeks to get everything set up and everyone talking to each other. Also, visit Colorado For Thompson and sign up there if you want t start using chat boards, messaging, and other things with Colorado Supporters of Fred Thompson. There is not a lot there yet, but there will be once we all start going over there to chat and set up meetings, etc. So come on over!

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