Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Why is Fred Thompson Waiting?

Because he can? /rimshot... Go read it all - it is one of the most insightful summaries of why Fred has not thrown his hat into the ring quickly or carelessly.

But what is Fred Thompson up to and what is he waiting for? The conservative core of his party has been clear - they intend to draft him for ’08… What’s the holdup?

As one who knows a little about Thompson, not the actor, but the person, the politician, the patriot - I can venture a guess. First, don’t let the gentle southern drawl fool you. Fred Thompson is a very bright fellow. He’s also a politically astute fellow and an old fashioned patriot. If anything, he may be too smart to set upon a quest for the most thankless job in the world…

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Thompson knows exactly who is drafting him, why they are drafting him and what they expect of him. He knows that true conservatives, fed up with systemic bi-partisan anti-Americanism in Washington, are at the core of the Draft Thompson movement. He knows that this group is through compromising their values for faux conservatives.

He will not want to fail those drafting him. This is exactly why he is the people’s choice. This is why millions of American conservatives have chosen him as the leader they believe in most. He understands what is being asked of him and he won’t accept unless he sees a way clear to accomplish those goals. That alone makes him attractive, but it also makes him extremely careful in his response to that call.

Courtesy of JB Williams at The National Ledger

Tons more at the link.


Mr Bob said...

and he should make a decision soon. the political landscape is not the same as it has been in past elections. I think waiting is smart, but the time is now, he's waited long enough.

Ordinary Coloradan said...

I think contractual obligations have him locked in for a couple more weeks. After that, look for a lot more movement. Until then, read/listen-to the podcasts and blogging he is doing, and the speeches at various functions.

He is basically laying out his platform, collecting issues and putting policy out there, so he can point back to it once the real campaign starts. And he is getting great exposure for free.

The important part will be getting in late enough to avoiud being mixed with the midgets there now, but not so late that THEY get to define who he is.

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